My approach begins with a FREE assessment for all potential students

I find it essential to learn what is important to each and every one of my students. To do that, I will break the learning process down into small pieces and help you set - and ultimately reach - recognizable goals. I'll develop a familiarity with the music that you like to listen to and would like to play. This way we can work together from day one, building trust and an understanding of the direction we want to move in.

We will work together to improve body position (essential for voice, piano, and cello, breathing, how to select music together, reinforcing proper muscle memory, incorporating music theory so that it helps students' performance, correcting musical mistakes, balancing rote learning, and so much more!

Learning music is an adventure. My most successful students are those with an excitement to learn and a willingness to take risks. I want you to feel comfortable making mistakes - we will learn from them. Whether you are interested in being a classical cellist or singing in a rock band, playing jazz piano or performing opera, if you are driven and willing to practice, we've got a great adventure ahead of us.