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KickStart Composer Lite

Kickstart Composer Lite is a free, melody composition tool. This software helps young music students break writer’s block by generating a simple 10 note motive. Students can click Generate as many times as they want; each button press provides a different motive. Students then have the opportunity to take the motive and transform it into a unique and original melody.
KickStart Composer Lite requires a Windows based PC or a Macintosh and Java. To get Java, click here go to the Java website and follow the instructions. Once Java is installed, you should be able to execute the KickStart Composer Lite installer file to install it on your computer. Click here to download KickStart Composer Lite. Don't forget to "like" us on Facebook!

Usage Notes

Using KickStart Composer is simple. However, there are a few things students need to keep in mind when writing melodies:
  • Right Click: Students change change a note by right clicking and selecting a different note from the menu. Students can also add a note to a specific measure by right clicking in that measure and selecting "ADD NOTE". (On a modern Mac Book Pro, this is a two finger click.)
  • Gen Level: This changes the note durations the software will use during melody generation.
  • Save As: The software saves music in the LilyPond format. Students should use "ly" as the file name extension if they want to use LilyPond to print out their music. Click here for more information on LilyPond.
  • Open: This button will allow students to open previously saved work. Files are human readable, but they should not be manually edited, or the open function may fail.

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